Warmane Guides:Prelates of Rezan Dialogue on Zandalari Paladins

When the classes for the Zandalari Troll Allied Race were revealed, quite a few players have been disappointed that the Zandalari weren’t Paladins. Just consider their holy dinosaur mount and golden armor!

So far it appears like Paladins are for the Alliance and Shaman are for the Horde, but players held out hope that Zandalari Paladins could be added on account of Zandalari Prelate, a mob in Throne of Thunder with abilities like Light with the Loa, Judgment in the Loa, and Seal of the Loa.

In the Terrace of the Selected in Zuldazar around the Battle for Azeroth alpha, players can interact with Higher Prelate Rata and understand much more about Zandalari Paladins. Story spoilers.

At first, the dialogue appears quite promising. Zandalari Paladins exist, and also thought they say “we do not have any openings” that keeps the door open for Zandalari player paladins within the future.
We are the prelates of Rezan, highest order of holy warriors to serve any loa.
Our path may be elite, taking only those gifted from birth with prowess in battle and gifted by the loa, and crafting champions of light to defend our empire.
And no, we usually do not have any openings or handouts.

However, following you complete the questline in Zuldazar, High Prelate Rata’s message is really diverse. Zandalari Paladins are no far more, as they’ve lost their connection to Rezan. Those that still have power are even suspect.

Rezan may be the loa that the King follows. When Zul tries to overthrow the Zandalari, he begins sacrificing loa to gain energy. Rastakhan, together with the loa Paku, Gonk, and Rezan, attempt to place an end to Zul’s rebellion and his program to resurrect ancient Zandalari kings from their resting spot in Atal’Dazar. Instead, in an unimplemented cutscene, Zul murders Rezan and we end up fighting the fallen loa later within the dungeon.

Because of Flora for the tip:
We’re broken.
The light of Rezan has left us. Only a handful of those that followed the fantastic king on the loa may have any sort of power, as well as they are suspect.
Our life was devotion itself. Now, who do we turn out to be?

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