“Overwatch” is a multi-person first-person shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment on May 24, 2016 at Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platform release.

“Overwatch” to the players into two teams, each team of six people. Players can choose from a few reserved heroes, each hero has its own unique attributes and skills; these heroes are divided into four categories: assault, defensive, reloading and support type. Team members work together to protect and defend control points on the map, or to escort the vehicle to a designated location within a limited time. Players such as the character skin and victory posture and other dress will not affect the game.


“Watch the vanguard” is a 6v6 multiplayer team game. Like a multiplayer online fighting game, players can choose from a few roles, each character has its own skills and style, plus unique “ultimate skills.” According to the positioning can be divided into four types: assault role has a higher speed and attack power, but they will therefore sacrifice part of the armor; and defensive and support role can grab the enemy’s important road, and team members to provide attribute bonus , Treatment or other help; heavy equipment is a very high armor and hit rate to block the enemy attack. Players can switch roles in the game after death – this is encouraged by the game design. The map of the game is inspired by the real world. Fourteen maps have been published in the UK, mainland China, Japan and Egypt.

Has announced five game modes:

  • Delivery target: One party must deliver the specified destination to the designated location within a limited time, while the other must stop them.
  • Offense and defense: one party must occupy the map on the other side to protect the target.
  • Occupation points: the two sides must grab the designated target, first take two wins (three wins in the competitive model) team will be able to win the game.
  • Attack / escort delivery target: first occupation, post-escort mode.
  • Occupation points: the two sides must grab the other flag, to their own side of the flag point, the first to get three points or the end of the team before the highest score to win


Main entry: watch the pioneer role list

The game can be manipulated heroic role of a total of 21 heroes, in July 2016 an additional Anna and November of the shadow, announced in March 2017, Oerlikon makes the game can control the number of heroes up to 24. Players control the hero died after the return to the rebirth point, rebirth point can re-select the other heroes and continue to fight. Heroes can be divided into four categories, namely the attack power is high but the value of life less “assault” type, good at long-range attacks and stronghold defense “defense” type, high life and guardian teammates “reload” type, and Good at restoring and supporting the friendly “support” type.

  • “Assault” type: soldiers: 76, death, Pharaoh’s eagle, the source of the song, empty, Maclee, shadows.
  • “Defense” type: half possession, fortress, black lily, small beauty, Tobi Ang, mad mouse.
  • “Heavy equipment” type: D.Va, Lu Pa, Charles Liya, Winston, Reinhardt, Ou Ruisha.
  • “Support” type: angel, chant ya tower, Lucio, order light, Anna.
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