Mu legend Frontier Packs Wings Frequently asked questions

Regarding the Pet & Wings. Will they die/brake?
Pets don’t take damage, so you don’t really need to worry about it.
The wings on a character are purely cosmetic; they don’t take damage like other wearable things, so you also don’t have to worry about it.

Are those wings wearable for all classes?
Yes. While they may be wearable for all classes in the game, please choose carefully! As soon as done, you will not have the ability to transfer your products to another character.
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What does the Mount and Wings do?
Initially of all, the things integrated within the Frontier Packs have a truly nice perk: they’re everlasting. You won’t be able to obtain several long term things to buy once we release the game.
– Mounts: They are purely for movement speed, with no other extra stats.
– Wings: Wings come in two distinct types, each with its personal slot in the game:
Standard Wings: These offer the huge stat boosts for your character. We won’t be selling these wings for Redzen or every other currency; they have to be crafted or acquired by enjoying the game.
Premium Wings: They are mainly skins, and even though they may possibly provide you with a number of stat boosts, they’re not as strong as typical wings. They are the wings included in the Frontier Packs. They’re long lasting things, distinct from most of the items you will locate inside the in-game shop after the game is launched.

Can Wings be traded?
No. Our intention is to flip this things into collectibles products. Following this program, they are going to by no means be offered for purchase once again after we finish the income with the Frontier Pack.

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