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League of Legends (LoL), is a multiplayer online tactical ring (MOBA) game developed and distributed by Riot Games, which is offered for free mode and offers paid props. The game is subject to the “Warcraft III: Frozen Throne” in the relics of the battle mode inspired by the birth.

In the “Heroes Union”, the player plays an invisible Summoner, and manipulates a “hero” with a unique ability to play against a computer or a real player-controlled hero, the game’s usual goal is to destroy each other’s main base “Crystal Hub “At the beginning of each game, the hero is very weak, and will become stronger with the player’s performance. These values ​​will be recalculated at the beginning of the next game.


“Heroes Union” is a 3D multiplayer online fighting arena game, with a third-person perspective. The game is currently the conventional game mode has three, respectively, Summoner Canyon, crying abyss and twisting jungle, had a crystal mark pattern, and now has been removed. Players will work with each other in the game, compete with each other’s team, the game’s goal is usually to destroy the other team’s main base “crystal hub”, each game time is about 20 to 60 minutes.


“Heroes Union” has three main maps, each with different land types, goals and conditions of victory, as well as their props.


A simple illustration of the summoners’ gorge. The yellow block is the “road”, while the red and blue dots are standing in the “road” in the “defense tower”, these towers will automatically attack the other camp heroes and the other camp sent troops. The ultimate goal of the game is to break the other team in the corner of the corner of the main base of the “crystal hub.” In addition, the black dotted line represents the passage of the “river”, the map is divided into two; green area is “wild”, the internal terrain twists and turns.

Summoner Canyon is the most popular map of the Heroes Union. In this map mode, the two teams each have five players to destroy the other team’s main base “crystal hub” as the goal and against each other, in addition to attack each other, but also to defend their own crystal hub is not destroyed. The location of the crystal hub in the lower left corner of the map and the upper right corner, the two buildings will continue to create a very low strength non-player role “soldier”, the soldier will be divided into three, along the road, Until contact with the other party’s units. Players must control the role, and belong to their own ranks with the soldiers to advance to the base of the other team, and destroy each other’s main base to win the game. In the “road” is between the known as the “wild” of the neutral area, the internal does not belong to both players of the non-player role, known as the “wild strange.” There is also a “river” extending from the top left to the lower right, although named river, but does not hinder action, the hero can walk freely above, and walk in the rest of the map is no different.


In the twist jungle, the two teams each have three players compete with each other to destroy each other’s crystal hub. The basic concept of the game is similar to Summoner Canyon, but with some difference, for example, the map is three to three instead of five to five, only up and down two. The other difference is to add the “altar”, the player can occupy the altar to get bonuses and gain for their own team.


Crying abyss is used for polar chaos (polar chaos fighting) map, polar chaos refers to the “All Random All Mid”, refers to all random all the way. The map is five to five. The difference between the crying abyss and the other maps is that the map has only one medium, no neutral wild creatures, and no wild areas. Ten heroes will gather in the relatively narrow only one on the road against [16]. Before the game starts, players must not choose their own hero. Unless the player controls the hero was killed, or can not return to the camp base to buy items and restore life and mana. This model was launched in September 2013.


Crystal marks are used to rule the battlefield map, the two teams have five players, for the control point in the map and as much as possible to retain these positions. The map has a circle of five bases, the base of both teams located in the lower left corner and the lower right corner, after the start of the game, the player must occupy these positions as much as possible, and with the passage of time to weaken the team’s team life value, Will be more points to occupy more time, you can let the other team’s life value drop faster. Team life from 200 start upside down, to 0 will be lost. This model was launched from September 26, 2011, removed on February 22, 2016. But this map is still used for other game modes, such as soaring mode.


“Heroes Union” includes several game modes that allow players to choose:

  • Novice tutorial: is a new player to use the model, the use of the map for crying abyss, the purpose is to teach players the rules and operation of the game.
  • Computer warfare: is the human players and computer-controlled heroes against each other mode. The map can be summoned to the division of the canyon, twisted jungle or crystal marks (formerly).
  • General mode: using automatic matching system, so that the ability of players to form the same team.
  • Ranking mode: is the player in the player account level can reach 30 when the mode, the player’s ability to be considered in the match, so the high technology players and low-tech players will not group in the same team.
  • Custom mode: allows players to live and computer-controlled heroes to form the same team, can be carried out in any map, but also allows the number of teams on both sides of the inconsistency.

When the player chooses his desired hero, the Heroes Alliance offers three ways:

  • Optional mode: allows both teams to choose their own heroes, so the two teams may have players to use the same hero.
  • Rising mode: the two teams take turns to disable three heroes, a total of six heroes will be prohibited to use, players and then from the rest of the hero to pick their own want.
  • Random Mode: The system randomly assigns the hero to the player, the player can accumulate the opportunity to re-roll the dice, get a new random hero.


These six categories are:

  • Marksman (Marksman): shooter commonly known as AD or ADC. Is the hero of the main physical damage, these heroes have a higher per second damage (DPS) rather than the outbreak of the ability, they are usually the main force of the destruction of the tower, but their defense is low. Such as Ashe, Caitlyn, Twitch, and so on.
  • Master (Mage): Master commonly known as AP, is a powerful magic damage skills, but the defensive ability and low mobility of the hero. Some of the Master can cause great damage in a short time, some are based on long-term sustained damage, the outbreak of the boundaries between the Master and the assassin is very vague. Examples of the Master are: Veigar, Annie, Lux.
  • Assassin (Assassin): Assassin is dedicated to quickly kill another hero of the hero. These heroes are often chasing each other’s striker and mage to run, because their defense is poor. Although the assassin’s defense is not how high, but he has the ability to move quickly. Assassin attacks rely on a short period of time instantaneous damage, after the end of the attack, they will be more weak. Examples of assassins are: Zed, Talon, Katarina, and so on.
  • Tank: Tanks are hard to kill heroes who have high defense and high health. But their injuries are low. Some tanks have the ability to control the field, can force the enemy to disperse or make the enemy stiff, but also to force the enemy to attack themselves. Examples of tanks are Rammus, Malphite, Zac, and so on.
  • Warrior (Fighter): the soldiers are able to output damage to the tank, compared to tanks, the soldiers of the high attack but the lower the value of life; compared to the assassins, soldiers attack lower and higher health. Examples of warriors are Garen, Wukong, Rek’Sai, and so on.
  • Support: commonly known as SUP, auxiliary class hero’s ability through the treatment of teammates, contain opponents, etc. to assist the team, auxiliary in the early stages of the game will usually match with the striker heroes, and let him with his teammates as much as possible to survive, Occasionally you must harass your opponent.

Another important job of assisting is to provide a bigger view of the team. Examples of assistants are Soraka, Thresh, Sona


  • Intense MOBA | LoL pioneered the multiplayer online battle arena, combining single-player RPG play with the strategy of multiplayer.
  • Customize Your Summoner | Choose from a variety of options to build your summoner for damage, support, tanking, and more.
  • 75+ Champions | Each with their own unique style, abilities, and gameplay mechanics, and with over 100 items to equip them with.
  • Multiple Maps | Engage in 3v3 and 5v5 battles, with more maps and game modes in the works.
  • Adaptable Summoners | Before battle, choose one of three Masteries (skill trees) to employ in battle – offense, defense, or utility.
  • Competitive Ladder System | rewarding ranked experience. Players are given ranked rewards at the end of every season (yearly).
  • Solid Visual Experience | polished traditional MOBA experience with solid graphics and great music.
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