Age of Conan

Characters in Age of Conan are registered to a unique user account on a specific online server, with characters created on one server unable to be played on another. Players are able to create characters which function as their virtual avatars in the online world of Hyboria. During character creation, the player may choose from four playable races. The character is one of four archetypes (in bold) and one of three class selections for each archetype. The Rise of the Godslayer expansion brought on a new race, the Khitan. Earlier only some classes were free to play but on December 13, 2012 all classes were made available in the free model.

Rise of the Godslayer

Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer
The first expansion titled Age of Conan: Rise of the Godslayer was released on May 11, 2010 and can be bought for Funcom Points from the item shop by all players. It provides new areas for medium-level characters in the form of a home zone for the new playable race, the Khitans; and four additional regions for high-level characters. The new content also includes new companions that can be trained for use as combat pets, or as mounts. A faction system was introduced in order to add variety and re-playability to the new zones. Through new quests, group instances, and raids, players are able to gather tokens to buy new armour sets. An additional incentive is the Alternative Advancement system; a new tree of character feats or perks that are acquired by means of a dedicated point system. It also expanded the raiding in the game to add Tier 4.

Adventure Packs

The Savage Coast Of Turan
On August 31, 2011, Funcom released “The Savage Coast of Turan” adventure pack, which can be bought for Funcom Points from the item shop by all players. The pack includes a new playfield known as “Coast of Ardashir”, two new solo instances, a group instance, a new 24-man raid instance called “Temple of Erlik” and a new combat pet. The new content was aimed to launch along with the 2011 film Conan the Barbarian, so that players had the chance to see some of the characters, armor, and weapons from the film.

Secrets of Dragon’s Spine
On September 3, 2012 Funcom announced that it is planning a new adventure pack called “Secrets of Dragon’s Spine” which will be released in a series of updates. The pack introduces a new zone called Dragon’s Spine, a row of small peaks in the southern wastes of Stygia. It will feature new quests, dungeons, challenges, a new mount type, a new raid instance and a new PvP area. The first update was released on live servers on January 10, 2013. On August 13, 2013 a new dungeon which also contains a city of the Serpent Men was added in the Dragon’s Spine.

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